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This tutorial was created 1st June 2007©Copyright Artwork by EssexGirl
please do not copy it, or put it anywhere else without my written permission.

Sometimes the links for filters change, it's difficult (and a lot of work) to
keep changing them on individual pages, so I have created a page with
links to filters and programs that I have used in my tutorials.
That way it is easier for me, because when there are changes I will
only have one page to update and hopefully better for you, because I'm
less likely to miss a page out when doing the updates :)

You will find links to filters/programs used in this tutorial Here
the link will open in a new window

Filters and programs used in this tutorial :-
Paint Shop Pro
Flaming Pear's SuperBladePro

Materials :-
An image of your choice, you will need an image where
the main part of the picture is in the centre.
The image I have used is ©Joan Pelaez, www.sqpinc.com
to use the same image you have the appropriate CILM Artist license
which is available from www.creativeimagelicensing.com
My sg_silver SBP preset and sg_curls-frame mask Here
Put the mask in your masks folder and the SBP preset
in your SBP environments and textures folder
(if you are using psp7 the PspMask won't work, you can get it as a jpg Here)

some images have been made smaller to shorten file size

This tutorial is in two parts, on this page we will create the
framed image. If you want to go on to make some side panelled background and
create an Incredimail Letter with your image you can go on to page 2.
Experienced letter creators please feel free to do your own thing ;)

Step 1.
Open the image that you are going to use and resize to
300 pixels width, psp will automatically set the height.
The image needs to be flattened so go to
Layers...Merge...Merge All (flatten)... if this option
is greyed out, the image is already flattened.

Make the foreground and stroke properties of your palette white
and use the dropper tool to select a colour from your image
(right click) for your Background and Fill properties

Go to Layers and add a new Raster Layer
Flood fill the layer with white

Go to Layers...Load/Save Mask...Load Mask from disk...
from the list of masks choose the sg_curls-frame mask
Orientation=either Fit to canvas, or Fit to layer
Create mask from=Source luminance
Options = Hide all mask, invert mask ticked

(alternatively, you can open the mask in psp, minimise it
and got to Layers...New Mask Layer...From Image...choose
sg_curls-frame mask..Source luminance....Invert mask data ticked)


Step 2.
Go to Layers...Merge...Merge Group
Go to Selections...Select All...
Effects...Plugins...Flaming Pear... SuperBladePro
Apply the sg_silver preset, or preset of your choice
(If you haven't got SBP you can flood fill with
a colour of your choice and use an inner bevel)


Go to Effects...3D Effects...Drop Shadow...
Vertical and Horizontal offsets = 1
Blur = 5


Step 3.
Make the bottom layer active (highlighted)
Go to Layers...Duplicate...
Go to Selections...Select All...
Selections...Modify....Select Selection borders...
Border Width=5
Anti-alias = unticked
Flood fill the selected border with white and apply the
same SuperBladePro preset used in the previous step

Go to Selections...Invert...
Effects...3D Effects...Cutout...
Vertical and Horizontal offsets=0
Opacity = 100
Blur = 20
Fill interior with colour=unticked

Make the top layer (Group - Raster 1) active (highlighted)
Go to Layers...Merge...Merge Down

You should now have 2 layers, your original image at
the bottom and the one with the frame and border at the top

Step 4.
Go to Image...Canvas size...
Lock aspect ratio should be unticked
Make the width 550
The height the should be same height as your image
In the Placement section choose one of the Left boxes.
My screenshot shows the background colour as black, but
it doesn't matter if it's another colour.



Your top layer should still be the active layer
and the area that shows black on this screenshot
should be transparent on that layer
Go to Layers...Duplicate....

Step 5.
We are going to work on the bottom layer first, so
Hide the top 2 layers by opening the layers palette
and clicking on the eyes for those layers.
Make the bottom layer active (highlighted)


Go to Effects...Reflection Effects...Kaleidoscope...
Horizontal and Vertical offsets =0
Rotation angle = 90
Scale factor = -42 (minus 42)
Number of petals = 6
Number of orbits = 0
Radial suction = 0
Edge mode=Repeat


Go to Selections...Select All...
Selections...Modify....Select Selection borders...
Border Width=5
Flood fill the selected border with white and apply the
same SuperBladePro preset used previously

Go to Selections...Invert...
Effects...3D Effects...Cutout...
Vertical and Horizontal offsets=0
Fill interior with colour=unticked


Step 6.
Open up the middle layer by clicking the eye in the layers
palette again so that it is visible and make it the active layer.
Repeat the kaleidoscope, but change the Edge mode to Color the
colour doesn't matter I used a bright green


Click on the plain coloured part of the image with
the Magic Wand to select it then hit the delete key.

Go to Effects...3D Effects...Drop Shadow....
Vertical and Horizontal offsets = 5
Opacity = 75
Blur = 10
Colour = Black
Shadow on new layer=unticked


Step 7.
Open up the top layer by clicking the eye in the layers
palette again so that it is visible and make it the active layer.
Layer...Merge...Merge All...


Go to image...Add Borders... Right click on the
colour box and choose your background colour
Add a symmetric border of 40 pixels
Click the border with the magic want to select it
Then go to Effects...Plugins...Xero...Fritillary...
Granualrity = 6
Aggression = 30
Tesselation = 26
Variation = 18
Don't delelect yet

Go to Effects...3D Effects...Cutout...
Vertical and Horizontal offsets = 0
Opacity = 75
Blur = 15


Step 8.
Go to Image...Add Borders...
Add a symettric border of 5 pixels in white
Select the border with the Magic Wand
Apply the same SuperBladePro preset as before.

If the image is larger than you want, go to
Image...Resize...Resample using Bicubic
and resize to a size of your choice.

Add a new layer for any copyright information
Go to Layer...Merge...Merge All...

If you want to create a side panelled background and
make an Incredimail letter with this header keep
your image open and go on to page Page 2 Here

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Thankyou to my very helpful testers
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