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This tutorial was originally written on January 17th 2006
using PSP X by Sandie © Artwork by EssexGirl, All Rights Reserved.
It has been updated using PSP X8 on 12th April 2016
please do not copy it, or put it anywhere else without my written permission.

You will find links to filters/programs used in this tutorial Here
the link will open in a new window

Filters and programs used in this tutorial :-
Paint Shop Pro

Materials :-
A font of your choice
A tube of your choice
the tubes I used here were created by Ana Ridzi

Step 1.
Open your tube in psp.
We want to use a gradient that compliments your tube, so use the
Dropper Tool to choose 2 colours from your tube a dark colour, or black for
the background and a light colour for the foreground.
You can minimise your tube for now.

Make the foreground on your palette 'Gradient'
Angle=45 Repeats=1
from the dropdown list choose the foreground background gradient
or another gradient of your choice

Go to File...New...and open a new image
Raster Background

Flood fill with your gradient

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Step 2.
Go to Effects...Plugins..Tramages...Tow The Line
use the default settings

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Step 3.
Go to Effects...Distortion Effects...Polar Coordinates...
Rectangular to polar
Edge mode=Transparent

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Step 4.
Go to Image...Canvas Size...
Change the size of the canvas to Width=650
lock aspect ratio =unticked
In the Placement section choose the centre box

Next we are going to duplicate and resize the layer several
times, so that we have discs in different sizes. I chose to
have 5 discs, reducing each one by 75% in size, but the number
and amount of resizing you use is up to you, so just use the
next step as a guide.

Step 5.

Go to Layers...Duplicate...
resize by 75% resample using Bicubic
All layers=unticked

Repeat the duplicating and resizing 4 times, or until
you have as many discs as you want.

Use the Mover Tool to position the discs as you like.
You can add a drop shadow to each of your discs seperately if you want to,
but I merged mine together, then added a drop shadow afterwards.
Go to Layers...Merge...Merge Visible...

Go to Effects...3D Effects...Drop Shadow...
Vertical and Horizontal offsets= -5 (minus 5)

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Step 6.
Go to layers...New Raster Layer...
Then Layers...Arrange...Send to Bottom
Change the gradient setting to
The other settings stay the same
Flood fill the layer with the gradient

Go to Effects...Plugins...Tramages...Tow The Line
Use the default setting again (same as step 2)

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We want to rotate the whole image, not just the layer, so
Go to Image...Rotate Left...
(if you are using psp8, or 9 this will be
Image Rotate Anti-clockwise, or Counter-clockwise 90)
Apply Tramages again using the same settings, then
Go to Image...Rotate Right...(clockwise)

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Step 7.
Go to Effects...Distortion Effects...Lens Distortion...
Horizontal and Vertical=0
Distortion type=Pincushion
Edge mode=Transparent

Go to Image...Resize...
Resize by 85% Resample using Bicubic
All Layers=unticked

Effects...3D Effects...Drop Shadow...
use the same settings as before
(H and V=minus 5, opacity=45, blur=10)

Step 8.
Open up the tube that you minimised earlier
Go to Edit...Copy...then close it again
On your main image go to
Edit...Paste...Paste as a new layer...
Resize the layer move the tube to the position
you want and apply a drop shadow with the same settings as before.
You can adjust the position of your discs if you need to

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Step 9.
Add your name, or other text in the font and colours of your choosing.
Apply a drop shadow to your text I used these settings
Vertical and Horizontal offsets= -3 (minus 3)

Merge all and resize as necessary.

Here is another version that I created using a different tube and font

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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If you wish to contact me you can find an email address to use included on my Site Map