Gypsy Red Frame

Written by Kat

What you will need to make the above frame:-
Paint Shop Pro version 9 (although it will work with 8 as well)
A tube of your choice
My red texture (or one that works with your tubes colors)

This gold texture (thanks to EssexGirl for letting me use this)

This mask or one of your own (just right click and save to
a folder on your computer, it is in .jpg format.

Now, let’s begin
1. Locate your tube, red texture, gold texture and mask and
minimize everything except your tube. Duplicate your tube
(Window…Duplicate OR Shift + D) and close your original.

2. Add a new layer (Layers…New Raster Layer)

3. Move your new layer down below the tube layer.

4. Load the red texture into your FOREGROUND styles box
using these settings, then click OK:
Angle: 0
Scale: 100
Texture: Unticked

5. Flood fill your new Raster layer with the red texture.

6. Go to Effects…Texture Effects…Blinds
and use these settings:
Width: 4
Opacity: 50
(or a lighter shade of your background Texture)
Horizontal: Unticked
Light from left/top: Ticked

7. Go to Layers…Merge…Merge All (Flatten)

8. Load your Speckle Goldfill into your BACKGROUND styles
box using these settings then click OK:
Angle: 100
Scale: 100
Texture: UNticked

9. Go to Image…Add Borders and put in 2 Symmetric (use any
color that is NOT in your tube or background, I used white)

10. With your Magic Wand and these
settings, select your border:
Mode: Replace
Match Mode: RGB Value
Tolerance: 0
Sample Merged: Unticked
Contiguous: Ticked
Feather: 0
Anti-Alias: Ticked

11. Flood fill with your gold texture by RIGHT
clicking on the border

12. Go to Selections…Invert

13. Go to Effects…3D Effects…Cutout and
use these settings then click OK:
Vertical: 0
Horizontal: 0
Opacity: 100
Blur: 20
Color: Black
Fill Interior with color: Unticked

14. Go to Edit…Repeat Cutout. Deselect (ctrl + D)

15. Go to Image…Add Borders change the numbers to 5
Symmetric (any color is fine)

16. With your Magic wand (same settings) select your
new border and flood fill with your red texture.

17. Make another border changing it back to 2 Symmetric
Color: White (or a color NOT in your background)

18. With your Magic Wand, select your new border and
flood fill with your gold texture. Keep selected and
Go to Effects…Edge Effects…Enhance. Deselect.

19. Go to Image…Add Borders and change your
number to 45 Symmetric Color: White

20. With your Magic Wand, select the new border.
Flood fill with your red texture. DO NOT DESELECT.

21. Go to Layers…New Raster Layer.
Now flood fill the same border (the large red one)
with the gold texture. Keep selected.

22. Go to Layers…New Mask Layer…From Image.
From the drop down box click on the one that
is your mask and use these settings:-
Create Mask From: Source Luminance
Invert Mask Data: UNchecked
Click OK.

23. Go to Layers…Merge…Merge Group.
DO NOT deselect yet.

24. Go to Effects…3D Effects…Inner Bevel
and use these settings:
Bevel: #2
Width: 31
Smoothness: 100
Depth: 50
Ambience: -46 (minus 46)
Shininess: 0
Color: White
Angle: 0
Intensity: 49
Elevation: 90

25. Go to Layers…Merge…Merge All (Flatten)

26. Go to Effects…Edge Effects…Enhance

27. Go to Edit…Repeat Enhance

28. Go to Effects…3D Effects…Cutout and use these settings:
Horizontal: 0
Opacity: 100
Blur: 12.50
Shadow color: Black,br> Deselect

29. Repeat steps 9 through 18.

And we are done. Just resize your image to a size that suits
you and save as .jpg. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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