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Raised Decoration Frame

PSP X and X2

This tutorial was created April 26th 2002©Copyright
Artwork by EssexGirl rewritten for PSPX and X2 2nd April 2010
please do not copy it, or put it anywhere else without my written permission.

Sometimes the links for filters change, it's difficult (and a lot of work) to
keep changing them on individual pages, so I have created a page with
links to filters and programs that I have used in my tutorials.
That way it is easier for me, because when there are changes I will
only have one page to update and hopefully better for you, because I'm
less likely to miss a page out when doing the updates :)

You will find links to filters/programs used in this tutorial Here
the link will open in a new window

Filters and programs used in this tutorial :-
Paint Shop Pro
Super Blade Pro
FM Tiles Tool

Materials :-
There is a text file included in the zip, if you don't know where to place the items.
My SBP preset (sg_golden jelly)and the spray tube Here
You could use a different tube if you prefer.

some images have been made smaller to shorten file size

Step 1.
Open a new image 500 x 300 white
Now we are going to add the tubed decoration.
A corner spray of flowers and branches works well.
I am using a tube called 'chestnutcorner'
Open your tube, Go to Edit...Copy...
The tube can now be closed. On your image, go to
Edit...Paste as New Layer...

My tube was larger than I wanted, so I had to resize the it
Image... Resize...80%
All Layers = unticked
The amount of resizing will depend on what tube you use, so
you may need to adjust that. If yours is too large or too small
just undo and try again.

Use the mover tool to place the picture in the top right corner.

This is how mine looked


Step 2.
Go to Layers...Duplicate...
Go to Image...Mirror...then Image...Flip...


Next we want to merge the two tubed layers together,
but keep the white background on a seperate layer
Go to Layers...Merge...Merge Down...
Rename the layer 'flower sprays'

Step 3.
Go to Effects...Plugins...
FM Tile Tool...Blend Emboss...
use these settings



Go to Layers...Merge...Merge Visible...

Step 4.
Go to Masks...New...From Image...
The source window should be your image
Create mask from 'Source luminance'
Tick 'Invert mask data', click ok.
This is what you should have


Now go to Layers...Merge...Merge Group...

Step 5.
Go to Selections...Select All
Go to Effects...Plugins...Flaming Pear...SuperBladePro
and apply my sg_golden jelly preset. (You will have to
navigate to the folder you have placed it in).
Then De-select


De-Select (Ctrl+D)

Step 6.
Add a new layer naming it 'frame 1'.
Flood fill with a dark colour I used #004040.
Go to Layers...Arrange...
Send to Bottom


The 'flower sprays' need a drop shadow and some
duplicating to make them stand out. I found that
I got a better result by doing the drop shadow first
and then duplicating the layer complete with shadow,
so make the 'flower spray' layer active, then go to
Effects...3D Effects...Drop Shadow...
Use these settings.

Horizontal = 5
Vertical = 5
Opacity = 70
Blur = 10
Colour = black

Next go to Layers...Duplicate...
Layers...Merge...Merge Down...
Rename the merged layer 'flower sprays'


Step 7.
Make the bottom layer (frame 1) active.
Go to Layers...New Raster Layer...name this layer 'frame 2'
Activate the Selection Tool
Delection type = elipse
Mode = Replace
Feather = 0
Anti-alias = ticked
Make an elipse starting at the centre, co-ordinates 250,150
The size is up to you, I extended to co-ordinates 75,55.
Here is my screenshot


Flood fill the selection with white.


Step 8.
Go to Selections...Modify...Contract...
and contract the selection by 20 pixels


We will be using this selection again later, so
Go to Selections...Load/Save Selection...
Save Selection to Alpha Channel...name it ellipse

Press the delete key and de-select.


Step 9.
Go to Selections...Select All...


Go to Effects...Plugins...Flaming Pear...
SuperBladePro...and apply a preset of your choice
for this example I used 'Gold Furnace'
(It is one of SBP's own presets and will be
in the environments and textures folder).

Apply a drop shadow with the same settings as in step 6



Step 10.
Open the picture that you want to put in the frame,
hold down the shift key and press D to make a duplicate
and close the original (then if you mess up while resizing
there's no chance of ruining the original).

You can use any picture that you like, (but if you have a
tall narrow picture you will have to rotate the frame image
go to Image... Rotate...either Left or Right)

This is the picture I used (my cat).


My picture is 370 x 215 and it fits nicely behind
the eliptical hole without any need to rotate the frame.
If your picture is too large, or too small, go to
Image... Resize...and resize the image to a width not
less than 315 pixels and a height not less than 157 pixels.
It doesn't matter if the picture is a little larger than this
as long as the main features, come within this size, the rest
will be hidden by the frame.

When your picture is a suitable size go to
Edit...Copy...now you can close it.

Step 11.
Back to your main image and Paste as a new layer,
Name this layer 'picture'
On the layers Palette drag picture layer down so that
it is between the layers 'frame 1' and 'frame 2'


Now we will get rid of the parts of the picture outside the
ellipse, so we need the selection that was saved earlier.
Go to Selections...Load/Save Selection...
Load Selection from Alpha Channel...load the ellipse selection
Go to Selections...Modify...Expand...
Expand the selection by 1 pixel
Go to Selections...Invert...
Click the Delete key


Step 12.
Go to Layers...Merge all...
Go to Image...Add Borders...
and add a symmetrical border of 20 in white

Select the border with the Magic Wand
and apply the same SuperBladePro preset
we used on the elipse (Gold Furnace)
Go to Selections...Invert...

Add a new layer.
Go to Effects...3D Effects...Cutout...
Horizontal and Vertical = 5
Opacity = 50
Blur = 10
Colour = Black

Fill interior with colour = unticked

Repeat the cutout, changing the Vertical and
Horizontal figures to minus 5 (-5).
De-select. Resize if necessary

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Thankyou to my great testers
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