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Sand and Sea Incredimail Letter


This tutorial was created 9th April 2007©Copyright Artwork by EssexGirl
please do not copy it, or put it anywhere else without my written permission.

You will find links to filters/programs used in this tutorial Here
the link will open in a new window

Filters and programs used in this tutorial :-
Paint Shop Pro
Incredimail Letter Creator
You will also need to use Incredimail

some images have been made smaller to shorten file size

Step 1.
You should have your framed image from page 1 of the tutorial still open in PSP.
If you want to change the size of it for use as the header for your IM letter
you can resize it now. The size you use is largely a matter of personal taste.

When you are happy with the size of your image Go to File...Export...JPG Optimizer...
I usually use a compression value somewhere between 10 and 20, you can vary it, higher
values will give a lower file size, but the quality starts to deteriorate, lower
values give better quality, but higher file sizes. It's a case of striking a balance
that suits you. You don't want your letter to be too heavy, but it's a shame to ruin
a beautiful peice of work by compressing too much.

Give it any name you want, I called mine 'sand-sea-header. You can save your jpg
in any folder that you want, as long as you remember where to find it when you create
your letter. I created a folder for all my incredimail letters, inside that I make
individual folders for named each letter, I put my images in these so I know where
to find them (I wasn't always so organised lol)

Step 2.
For this tutorial we will create a symmetrical
side panel, for both sides of the framed image.

Activate your Selection Tool
Selection type=Rectangle
Starting at the top left corner of your framed image drag the selection
so that the right side reaches about halfway across the vertical line of
gold dashes at the left of the image and right the way to the bottom,
see the screenshot below


Go to Edit...Copy...
You can close the image now.
Go to Edit...Past As New Image...

Go to Image...Canvas Size...
Look at the Original Dimensions at the top of the dialog box
We want the new width to be double the original figure (a bit
of easy math here, multiply the original width by 2 and put that
figure in for the new width

We want to keep the height exactly the same as the original,
so put that figure in as the height in the New Dimensions section

In the Placement section select the center left box
(actually in this case as we are not changing the height,
any of the 3 left boxes would do just as well)

Your image should look like this


Step 3.
Go to Layers...Duplicate... then
Image...Mirror....Mirror Horizontal...(in older versions..Image...Mirror...)
and finally Layers...Merge...Merge all...

Your side panel should now looks something like this


Export it as a jpg and save in the same folder as
your header. I called mine 'sand-sea-side'

Step 4.
Before we finish and go into Letter Creator, lets make a
simple matching button to go in the Footer of your letter

Open a new Image 175 x 50
Flood fill with your background colour
Go to Selections...Select All...
Selections...Modify...Select Selection Borders...
Border Width=5
Flood fill the selected border with the speckle goldfill
patten. Go to Effects...3D Effects...Drop Shadow
Horizontal and Vertical offsets=1
Repeat the Drop Shadow, but change the
Horizontal and Vertical offsets to minus 1

Activate the Text Tool
Use a font of your choice
The size will depend on the font you use
Create as Vector
On the palette change the background to the colour that you
want to use for your text (I used the speckle goldfill pattern)
Make the foreground transparent

Click the cente of the button image and Type
'Letter by' or 'Created by' and your name
(not mine I only wrote the tutorial, this is your creation)
When you are happy with the size and position of your text
Go to Layers...Convert to Raster Layer
Add a drop shadow with the same settings previously used


Export as a jpg I called mine 'sand-sea-button'
Now that all you images are saved as jpgs you can
close them all. You can also close or minimise PSP.

There are several ways you can use these images in
letter creator, for this tutorial we will have the main
image at the top, with a panel each side of it, a plain
coloured background and your button at the bottom

Step 5.
Open Letter Creator

First select the Header tab


In the Header and Content section click on the 'image' icon


Use the navigation box to got to the folder that you saved your jpgs in
and open your side image, you will see it appear in the large preview window

Hit the spacebar on your keyboard 5 times. Now click the 'image' icon again
and this time open your header(main) image, hit the spacebar 5 times. Click the
'image' icon once more and open the side image again

You should now have your main image with a sidepanel each side showing in
the large preview window.

To make sure the images are centred in the header section Click the Text
alignment dropdown list and choose center


Step 6.
Now that the header is in place we will sort out the background
and text colours, so open the 'Body' tab

In the Background section you can either click the'color' icon and choose
your colour from the palette, or if you want to use a colour from you header
images click the 'Sample' icon and use the 'dropper' to choose a colour
from your image in the preview window I used black for the background colour.

In the Text section you can choose your text and link
colours in the same way. I chose light grey for the text and orange for the link colours
You can also choose your font and font size, you can see how it will look in your letter,
from the preview window.

I left the Margins at the default settings

Step 7.
Open the Footer tab next

In the section 'Footer Content and Layout' click the 'image' icon
and open your button image. To centre it choose the center alignment
in the same way as we did for the Headers.

Below your button you can add any credits that are appropriate.
If you have followed a tutorial to create your letter, you can include
a link to the tutorial if you wish. Highlight the text, or button image
that you want to turn into a link, click on the 'Link' icon and put the
url into to box provided to add a hyperlink

Step 8.
For this tutorial we are not using the Left, Right,
or 3D tabs, so open the 'Finish' tab.

Give your letter a name, the collection name is where Incredimail
will save your letter, you can call it whater you like, you can
even choose a category for your letter, you might want to keep
similar themes together

Click on the 'Save Project' button and save in the same folder as
your images, if you want to make changes later, you will be able
to open the project and change images, fonts, colours etc

When you have finished, click the 'Add to Incredimail button
and your letter will be added to Incredimail under the name and
category etc that you have chosen

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Thankyou Kevin for testing this tutorial

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