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SuperBladePro and BladePro Presets
Who's Who List

Have you ever had a BladePro or SuperBladePro preset that you wanted to
know who made, but had forgotton where you downloaded it from?

Maybe you want to go back to look for more presets, or you are writing
a tutorial and need to tell people where they can obtain any presets
that you used. Whatever the reason it can be frustrating.

Many of the people who make presets include a prefix, which identifies
it's author and I have made a list of those that I have downloaded, with
the name and url of the site that each came from.

It was suggested to me that others might find the list useful, so
I am posting the list of prefixes, including links to the sites
where possible.(I would like to thank Marilyn for the suggestion).

The list is by no means complete and I will add to it as I find new ones.
If you have a site offering BP or SBP presets that you would like me to
include, drop me a line with the prefix that you use, your site name and url.
I am unable to include presets that do not have a prefix to identify the author.

A lot of sites have either moved or closed down since this list was first
created, so in many cases I do not have a link. The active links are at the
beginning of the list. I have left the names of the sites no longer availabe
in a list below that for information purposes.

A_ Ariel's Studio
cc_ Cathy's Corner
CS CS Designs
gzs_ The Groan Zone
jc_ Joe Cilincion (now housed at Dizteq)
JK_ Pixel Art by Joyce
jlm Jade Cat
jo_ Jomay
k_ or kats KO-nceptions
kk Lady Kree
ks_ The Wool Sweater Street
Lades Them Gem Dings
LG Lunar Graphics
lizs_ Elizabeth's
M_ Meadows Studio
ndc NDC Web Design
oms_ OMSDS
sbl- Dizteq
sb_ Shawn's Designs
sg_ Artwork by EssexGirl (this one's mine)
soe State of Entropy
st_ Silver Mermaid Graphics
teph_ Tephra's Web Studio
v_ Varian's Dreamview
vs This n That graphics
PREFIX SITE NAME -link no longer available
AD_ Angelic Designs
AL_ Angels SBP Newsgroup
aub_ Aubrey's Blade Pro presets
_bjg The Spiders Nest
brg- Blue Ridge Graphics
_CC Cursed Creations
CC The Graphics Shop
ck Candeekis
cm- Creative Madness
cpix Colorized Pixels
1d- Dami's Demesne
D_ Dee's BladPro Presets
dc- www.thebrat.net
dd_ Designs by Dawn
DD- DominoDesigns
dh Designs by Donna
diz Dizzinz
emf_ Ellen's adoptables
ewc Aesthetic Web Creations
fm_ Artistic Alley
gab_ Justkissme
Gal Gallarina
HW Heronwing
JB A Graphic Memory
ib_ Ingerlises PSP
jd- Jan's Designs
jh_ Paint Shop Propourri
JJF_ Loraannn (Jumpin Jacks Flash Designs)
jp_ Katz Graphics
JRG or JRG_ Woofens World
~jules Jules Designs
kk_ KaysKreations
-kris Paintshop Stop
ld- PSP Goodies
LLD- LLD'zines
l-m- Lady Magika
LS, (also lsbp, lssbp, LSSBP) Lady Sara
lw Backgrounds for Stitchers
mcg Maple creek graphics
ng Nightingales Workshop
nk_ NK Designs
ph_ Nikang Creations
rw Robin's paintshop Resources
rw_ Cherokee designs
sf- Northlight Designs
skd_ Linkware Graphics
sw Shellys designs
TB_ Designs bt Tracirose
tcp Thomas Creek Productions
tag_ Thin Air Graphics
ts_ Flyers Graphics
val Digital Designs (Valcali)
1w- Whitney's Place
we Web Elegance

If you wish to contact me you can find an email address
to use included on my Site Map