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SBP Presets

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You can either put the preset and bpm files into SBP's Environments and
Textures, or keep them in their own folder and navigate to them from SBP.

Important note!
These presets were created using SBP version 180 and earlier, if you are using a
later version of SBP the result will be different to those shown in my previews.

Gold and Silver

Red, Pink and Purple

Blue, Turquoise and Green

Brown, Orange and Yellow


White and Pearl

I have written a list of prefixes for SBP presets and
links to the sites that they come from, so if you have
some presets and want to know who made them, check out
the list HERE unfortunately a lot of the sites are no
longer available

If you wish to contact me you can find an email address
to use included on my Site Map