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Silver Star

This tutorial was created December 8th 2001©Copyright Artwork by EssexGirl
updated for PSP2018 18th March 2018
please do not copy it, or put it anywhere else without my written permission.

You will find links to filters/programs used in this tutorial Here
the link will open in a new window

Filters and programs used in this tutorial :-
Paint Shop Pro
Dragonfly's Sinedots II
Super Blade Pro

Materials :-
My angelwings.cfg and silvery sparkle SBP preset Here
(The pre-set I originally used was Dee's 'Silver Shimmer' but it is no longer
available. My silvery sparkle is similar)

some images have been made smaller to shorten file size

step 1.
Open new image 200x200 transparent and flood fill with a dark colour
this is just to make it easier to see the image
Add a new layer

Effects...Pluggins...Sinedots II
open the sg_angelwings preset. You can use the settings as they are, but I
thought the final image looked better using a finer sinedots image, so I
lowered the outer density setting to 0.54 I also changed the colour to white.


If you want a coloured star you can choose a colour instead, the result after
the SBP preset is applied will be a lighter colour than chosen here.
Alternatively you could colourize your star at the end of the tutorial.

if you are new to sinedots and don't know how to open
the .cfg file click HERE for more information

Some presets use different 'blend' settings and it is important for this tutorial
to make sure that the blend in the sinedots setting is set to 'screen' like this:-


This is what you will have


Step 2.
Go to Edit... and Copy

Open a new image 400x400 transparent
and add a new layer.
Go to View...Grid, Guide and Snap Properties
change horizontal and verical settings for the current
image to 200 then go to View.. Grid

Paste as a new selection positioning the shape so
that the top touches the centre horizontal grid
line and the vertical grid line runs down the centre.
Select None. You can also turn the grid off now.


The small image is no longer needed, so you can close that

Step 3.
Go to Layers...Duplicate,
then Image...Mirror...Mirror Vertical (Flip in older versions)


Go to Layers...Merge...and Merge Down

Step 4.
Go to Layers...Duplicate then
Image...Free Rotate...
the all layers box should be unticked
rotate 90° (either direction)

Layers...Merge...Merge Down


Step 5.
With the Magic Wand tool click outside the shape
go to Selections...Invert

Effects...Blade Pro... sg_silvery-sparkle


If you want to add some colour to your star go to
Adjust... Hue ans Saturation ... Colourize...
you can change the colour and the strength of colour
by moving the Hue and Saturation sliders.
For this example I usrd Hue = 129 Saturation = 255


Step 6.
If you are keeping your star on a black background a drop shadow probably
isn't neccesary, but you want to use it against another colour
Go to Effects...3D Effects... Drop Shadow. Horizontal and Vertical = 5, Opacity = 80, Blur = 10

Finally change the background colour if you want to and add a frame of your choice

Here is an example with a different coloured star and background


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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