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Spaceship Animation Tutorial


This tutorial was created January 2nd 2002©Copyright Artwork by EssexGirl
please do not copy it, or put it anywhere else without my written permission.

Updated on December 2003 and Jan 2007

Sometimes the links for filters change, it's difficult (and a lot of work) to
keep changing them on individual pages, so I have created a page with
links to filters and programs that I have used in my tutorials.
That way it is easier for me, because when there are changes I will
only have one page to update and hopefully better for you, because I'm
less likely to miss a page out when doing the updates :)

You will find links to filters/programs used in this tutorial Here
the link will open in a new window

Filters and programs used in this tutorial :-
Paint Shop Pro
Dragonfly's Sinedots II
Greg's factory output vol II
Two Moon filters

Materials :-
See the text file included in the zip, for where to put the items.
My sg_spaceship.cfg and lights preset Here

some images have been made smaller to shorten file size

This tutorial has been updated 27th Jan. 2007

step 1.
Open a new image 300 x 300 transparent
and flood fill with #000057 (dark blue)
Go to Layers...Duplicate...
then Layers...and Add a new layer.
Rename the bottom layer stars 1, the middle
layer stars 2 and the top layer spaceship

Minimise or save the image, you will need it later.

step 2.
Open a new Image 150 x 150 transparent, go to
Layers and add a new layer TWICE. Make the bottom
layer active flood fill with (yellow) #EDFF21 and
turn the opacity of this layer down to 3 on the
layers palette, leave the layer blend mode at normal.


Make layer 2 active, flood fill with (red) #FF0909,
change the opacity to 3 and change the layer blend
mode to Soft Light.


Make the top layer active, go to
Effects...Plugins...Sinedots...open the spaceship.cfg
choose the spaceship preset and click ok


Leave the Opacity of this layer at 100 and change
the layer blend mode to Dodge. This is what the
layer palette looks like


and here is the sinedots image


step 3.
Using the Magic wand tool and holding down the shift key
click on the blank area around the ship and the small
blank bit in the middle of the ship to select them
Go to Selections...Invert...then Layers... Merge visible

Go to Effects...Illumination Effects...Lights...
Open the dropdown list of presets and choose
sg_spaceship from the list


the image should now look like this


While the spaceship is still selected go to Edit...Copy.
This Image is no longer needed

Step 4.
Open up the first image that you made
(the blue one), make sure that the spaceship
layer is active Edit...Paste...and paste as a new
selection at co-ordinates 140,10
This is a screenshot


Step 5
With the Magic Wand tool click on the area
outside the spaceship.

Go to the layers palette and click the glasses
on the stars 2 layer to turn off the visibility
and make stars 1 the active layer

Go to Effects...Plugins...VM Natural...Sparkle,
using the default setting.

While the background is still selected, hide stars 1
and turn on the visibility of stars 2.
Make 'stars 2' the active layer and repeat the
VM Natural.. sparkle, changing the max size to 39

Step 6.
While you are on stars 2 layer go to
Effects...Plugins...Greg's factory output vol II...
Spotlight...and use the default settings


This is my result


Hide the 'stars 2' layer
Make 'stars 1' the active layer and repeat the
Gregs factory output II...Spotlight on
this layer, using the default settings again.
Turn the visibility of all the layers back on.
You should have 2 layers with the same colouring,
but different sets of stars, plus the spaceship layer.


Next is the animation
Hold down the shift key and hit D twice to duplicate
the image, you should now have three images

Step 7.
On the first image go to Layers...Merge...and merge all
Go to Effects...Illumination Effects...Sunburst...
and use these settings


If you want to add a border to the animation you
can do so now, just make sure that you make a note
of all the settings etc because all the images must
use the same ones. This is how I did mine.

I made the palette background white
Image...Add Borders...
I used a symetrical border of 10, clicked on the border
with the Magic Wand tool to select it
Effects...Texture effects...Sculpture...
with these settings


This is the first frame of the animation.
Save it as a .gif
I called mine 'frame1'

Step 8.
On the second Image go to the layer palette
and turn the visibility of the stars 2 layer
down to 70 then merge all layers, go to
Go to Effects...Illumination Effects...Sunburst...
and use these settings


If you are adding a border do so now
Save as a .gif I called mine 'frame2'

Step 9.
On the third Image lower the visibility of the
stars 2 layer to 25 and merge all layers
Go to Effects...Illumination Effects...Sunburst...
and use these settings


If you are adding a border do so now
Save as a .gif I called mine 'frame3'

Step 10.
To put it all together open up Animation shop
Click on the animation wizard in the top left corner


these are the options to select on the windows that follow
'same size as the first frame', click next
'transparent', click next
'upper left corner of the frame', and 'canvas colour',
click next. Yes to repeat indefinitely and 20 in the
time box, click next. Click on add image and navigate
to where you put your three images select each one,
or hold down the Ctrl key and select them all, but click
them in reverse order if you do it this way, click next.
Click 'finish'
To see the animation working go to
If you want to resize your animation,
go to Animation...Resize...
and save using the default settings.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

When I first created this animation, I used a starry background from
a tutorial written by Rosepetal's PSP Tutorials and Island Girl Designs.
When I decided to make it into a tutorial, I changed the way I did the
background to make writing the tutorial easier for myself.
I would like to thank Rosepetal and Island girl
for the inspiration for the starry sky

I would also like to give a big thankyou to Patti of
Moon's Designs for her encouragement and offer of help
when I needed a re-think on how to do the sky.

And last, but certainly not least to Suz
Thankyou for your help with the lights :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

If you wish to contact me you can find an email address to use included on my Site Map