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Spinning Top


This tutorial was created March 17th 2002©Copyright Artwork by EssexGirl
updated for pspX Jan 2007
please do not copy it, or put it anywhere else without my written permission.

Sometimes the links for filters change, it's difficult (and a lot of work) to
keep changing them on individual pages, so I have created a page with
links to filters and programs that I have used in my tutorials.
That way it is easier for me, because when there are changes I will
only have one page to update and hopefully better for you, because I'm
less likely to miss a page out when doing the updates :)

You will find links to filters/programs used in this tutorial Here
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Filters and programs used in this tutorial :-
Paint Shop Pro

Materials :-
My selection file Here
Unzip into your selections folder

The sinedots .cfg that I used in my original psp7 tutorial
is Debs DeHaven's, which she gave me permission to use.
*Sadly, Deb DeHaven passed away on May 7, 2005
She wrote lots of great tutorials for PhotoImpact
including several that used the sinedots filter
Her tutorials are still available Here*

some images have been made smaller to shorten file size

This tutorial was originally written for PSP7 and used the Sinedots filter
and PSP's Geometric Effect...Perspective...Vertical. Unfortunately the
Perspective effect works differently in PSP9 and X, this distorts the
sinedots shape too much to use, so I have made a selection file to use
instead, which you can find in the materials zip.

step 1.
open a new image 400 x 400
Flood fill with a dark colour, then add a new layer
Go to Selections...
Load/Save Selection...Load Selection from disk
Load the spinning-top selection
Flood fill the selection with white, then de-select


Step 2.
Go to Layers...Duplicate...then Image...Flip...


Go to Layers...Merge...Merge Down...
Go to Effects...Reflection Effects...Rotating mirror...
Horizontal offset=0, Vertical offset=0,
Rotation Angle=23, Edge mode=repeat


Step 3.
Using the Freehand Selection Tool (lasso),
Selection type=point to point, feather=0,
smoothing=0, Anti-alias=ticked,
select the bottom area of the spinning top


Go to Selections...Float...
flood fill the floating selection with gradient.
You can get a stronger colour by clicking more than once.
The gradient I originally used is fading spectrum by
Peggy Jentoft. I no longer have a link for this,
but you can use a gradient of your choice

I used style=Linear, Angle =24, Repeats=0 and ticked
the invert gradient box. De-select


Step 4.
There is a small gap in the handle


With Pen tool Mode=Draw lines and polygons,
Connect segments=unticked, Create on Vector=unticked,
Show nodes=unticked, width=2
Foreground colour=white, draw a short line between the
two sections to fill the gap. You can either do this on
the layer with the sinedots image, or add a new layer
first and merge down when you are happy with the join.

Step 5.
Change the palette foreground to the colour that
you want the handle to be, I used #80FF80
Use the Freehand Selection Tool (same settings as previously)
Select around the handle


Go to Selections...Float, and flood fill selected area.
You can fill more than once for a stronger colour
Then go to Effects...3D Effects...Inner bevel...
use these settings

width=22, smoothness=52, depth=11, ambience=0, shininess=71, angle=315, intensity=50, elevation=20



Step 6.
Go to Effects...3D Effects...
Drop Shadow...using these settings

vertical=2, horizontal=8, opacity=76, blur=9.9

Step 7.
There is rather a lot of wasted space surrounding
the spinning top so use the Crop Tool to select the
area that you want to use for your picture and double
click to crop. This was how much I cropped away


Step 8.
You can leave the background as it is if you want to,
but I flood filled mine with a gradient fill
using background #004000 and foreground #000040
style=linear, angle=0, repeats=0


Finish with a frame of your choice

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Thankyou to my very helpful testers
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