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Ice Cream Sundae


This tutorial was first created December 12th 2001©Copyright Artwork by EssexGirl
using PSP 7. It has been rewritten for PSP X9 on 17th July 2017
please do not copy it, or put it anywhere else without my written permission.

You will find links to filters/programs used in this tutorial Here
the link will open in a new window

Filters and programs used in this tutorial :-
Paintshop pro
Dragonfly's Sinedot II filter
MuRa Meister Perspective Tiling

Materials :-
My Sinedots pre-sets for this tutorial are in a zip file Here
(Unzip .cgf file into a folder where you keep your sinedots presets)

some images have been made smaller to shorten file size

Screen sizes are much larger now than when this tutorial was first
written, so I have adjusted the image sizes used in this version.

step 1.
Open a new image 500 X 500 transparent and flood fill with a dark colour
(the flood fills are just to make it easier to see the image).

Add a new layer, then go to
Effects...Plugins...Dragonfly... Sinedots II
open the sg_sundae_2.cfg I've included several settings that you
can use, for this tutorial choose the setting called 'cone-cup' if you
are new to sinedots and don't know how to open the .cfg file
click HERE for more information

Some presets use different 'blend' settings and it is
important for this tutorial to make sure that the blend
in the sinedots setting is set to 'screen' otherwise the
image won't be on a transparent layer. Click the box
for Blend and choose it from the drop down list


Click OK


Step 2.
Go to Effects...Reflection Effects...Rotating Mirror
Horizontal offset = 0
Rotation angle = 0
Edge mode = Wrap


this is the top part of the sundae glass

Step 3.
To make the base of the glass open a new image 500 x 140
flood fill with your dark colour and add a new layer.
Effects...Plugins...Dragonfly... Sinedots II
Use the same sinedots preset and apply the rotating
mirror using the same settings as before
Then go to Image...Mirror Vertical...
here is my screenshot


In the next step we will put them together

Step 4.
Open a new image 1000 x 1000 and flood fill with your dark colour
Go back to the image containing the base, go to
Now back to your new (1000x1000)image.
Edit...Paste...Paste an a new layer
Double click on the layer in the layers palette and rename the layer 'glass bottom'
Use the Mover Tool to position the base near the bottom of the image.


Step 5.
Go to the image with the top part of the sundae glass on
Go to Edit...Copy...
Go back to your 1000 X 1000 image and paste as a new layer.
Rename the layer 'glass top'
Either use the mover tool to position it above the base, or go to
Effects... Image Effects... Offset..... Horizontal = 0 Vertical = -115 (minus 115)


The 2 seperate images with the top and base that
you made earlier can now be closed.

Step 6.
We'll duplicate the layer containing the top of the glass
and use it to create a swirly ice cream inside the glass, so
Go to Layers...Duplicate...
rename the copy 'icecream bottom'
On the layers palette drag the icecream bottom layer
below the glass top and glass bottom layers


Next we'll merge to 2 sections of the glass together
Click on the 'glass top' layer on the layers palette to make it active,
Then go to Layers...Merge...Merge Down...
Rename the layer 'sundae glass'

Step 7.
Turn off the visibility of the sundae glass by clicking
the 'eye' for that layer off in the layers palette.
Make 'icecream bottom' the active layer.

Using the Magic Wand tool
Mode = Replace
Match mode = RGB value
Tolerance = 0
All layers = unticked
Contiguous = ticked
Feather = 0
Anti-alias = ticked
Click on the area outside the sinedots shape.
Then go to Selections...Invert...
The selection should be around the edge of your sinedots shape


Step 8.
Go to Effects...Distortion Effects...Twirl...
Degrees = -200 (minus 200) then go to Selections ... Select None.
this gives the ice cream that will be inside the glass
a swirl. We will change the colour later.


With the Selection tool
Selection type = Rectangle
Mode = Replace
Feather = 0
Anti-alias = ticked Select the top edge of the shape, as shown in this screenshot


Press the delete key to remove the selected area. Select None.

Step 9.
For the top of the ice cream
Open a new image 600 x 400 transparent
flood fill with a dark colour and add a new layer
Go to Effects...Plugins...Sinedots
in the sundae2.cfg you will find another setting called
ice_cream, this is the one you need this time.

Change the blend setting to screen in the same
way as for the previous shape and click OK
This is the screenshot


Go to Edit...Copy
this image is no longer needed

Step 10.
Go back to your main image and paste as a new layer.
Rename the layer 'icecream top' then use the Mover tool
to reposition the shape at top of your ice cream


Step 11.
Now for a swirl in the ice cream top.
Using the Magic Wand tool with the same settings as before
click on the area outside the shape
Go to Selections...Invert..then
Effects...Distortion Effects...Twirl...
Use the same setting -200 (minus 200)
as we did on the icecream bottom


Select None

Step 12.
In this step we will merge the 2 icecream layers. Your layers palette
should look like this, with the 'sundae glass layer (still hidden)
at the top, the 'icecream top' layer next (this should be the active
layer and the 'icecream bottom' layer below it. Raster 1 is the
dark coloured layer at the bottom


Go to Layers...Merge...Merge down
Re-name the layer 'icecream'

Step 13.
Now we will change the colour of the icecream.
On the layers palette click the padlock to close it


Now you can flood fill the shape with the colour you want your icecream to be, or use
the PaintBrush Tool and paint over the image and only the sinedots image will change
colour, the transparent area will stay transparent.
I flood filled with pink #e28080 (I like raspberry or black cherry yum)


When you've coloured the image click the padlock on the
layers palette again to unlock the tranparency.

Step 14.
Turn the visibility of the 'sundae glass' layer back
on and make that layer the active one.
If you want to change the colour of sundae glass, click on the padlock
to lock the transparency and flood fill, or paint with your choice of colour,
don't forget to click the padlock again when you've finished.
I used white #FFFFFF.


If you want to make the icecream, or the sundae glass (or both) to look
more solid you can duplicate the layers (Layers...Duplicate...)
For the rest of the tutorial I just used a single layer of each, but
here is an example where I duplicated both the icecream and sundae glass


When you are happy with the thickness of your glass and ice cream the layers can be merged together,
hide the background layer and go to Layers ... Merge... Merge visible... Rename the layer 'Sundae'

Step 15.
To finish off let's make the background a bit more interesting.
Make the background layer (Raster 1) the active layer.
Flood fill with a colour of your choice.
I thought dark colours looked best and used dark red #400000
You could add some texture to the background. For my example I used
Effects...Texture Effects ... Texture... and used the default setting.

To add a surface for the glass to stand on
Add a new Layer and use the Selection tool (rectangle) to select a section at the bottom of the
picture, and flood fill with a colour, or pattern of your choice, I've used a wood pattern fill.


As an optional, step before you de-select you could add some perspective
Go to Effects... Plugins... MuRa Meister ... Perspective Tiling ...

perspective=60, other settings as default

Go to Layers... Merge ... Merge Down ...


Step 16.
Make the Sundae layer active and add a drop shadow
There are the settings that I used
Vertical = -5 (minus 5)
Horizontal = 20
Opacity = 50
Blur = 15

You can use the Mover Tool if you want to adjust the position
of your icecream sundae. Finished by adding a frame of your choice

Resize as neccesary

This example uses one of the other sinedots presets provided.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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