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Terms Of Use

The Tutorials

You are welcome to save my tutorials to your hard drive for personal use.

PSP groups are welcome to use a text link to my tutorials,
you do not have to write for permission.

Please feel free to add your own touches to what you create.

The creations that you make from doing my tutorials are yours, to use in any way
that you want, so you don't have to write asking my permission to use them :)

The copyright on these tutorials is mine, so do not post them on any other site.

Do not hot-link to any of the images, including the title headers.

Do not share my tutorials by copying and and pasting them into emails.

Do not sell my tutorials in any way, or form.

My tutorials were written for people to learn from, so please do not script them,
unless it is for personal use only. If scripts made from them are shared nobody
learns anything and I may as well stop writing tutorials.

Anyone wanting to translate my tutorials into other
languages please write and ask for permission first.
Exclusive rights to translate them into Italian has
been granted to Clo

The Masks, Presets, Tubes, Gradients, Brushes, Tiles and Scrap

Do not place these items on any other site, or sell them
(for the only exception see my 'note for tutorial writers' below).

*Note for tutorial writers*
You are free to use my masks, presets, tubes, gradients,
scrap and brushes in your tutorials and you may include
them in a supplies download within the tutorial.
A link, or a mention is appreciated, but not essential

You may share these items with friends, but please keep the file names intact
and do not hot-link to my screenshots, or files.

If you use any of these items to create tags, stationery, or web pages etc.
I do NOT require that you include my copyright. The only exeptions to this
are the images found in my painting galleries.

Painting Galleries

Do not place these items on any other site, or sell them in any form.

You are welcome to use these images in stationery and signature tags.
Please include © Artwork by EssexGirl