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Tube Prefix List

Many of the people who tube images include a prefix which identifies the tube creator

This list was created by Marleen Overgaauw and given me as it is
a similar list to the one I made for SBP preset creators.
Thankyou very much Marleen.
Where it's possible a link to the site is included.

I have added a few more names to Marleen's list and will add to it if I find new ones.

1Patries Patries, psp lover
AB_ / _AB Anjes Desk
am_ Andri's Tubes
_AS Herkey’s Corner
CM Martin’s Eclectic Adventures
calguis Dacara Creations
tubeclaudiaviza Claudia Visa Tubes
crealine or bycrealine Crealine Graphics
csg CSGreen
dc Dicanaris Design
dozi’s Dozibaer
E- Enchanted Shacara
EGS Tubes by Eloise
GINA Graphisme
grinz Grinz First Tubes
Grace's_TLC Grace's TLC Designs
gwyn_ Gwyngrafica
jlm- JadeCat Graphics
kittys- Kitty's PSP Design
jk / pa / pajk PixelArt by Joyce Kohl
and PixelArt by Joyce Kohl
Kate Avalon Tree
kk Karen’s Kreations
k@rine_dreams Karine Dreams
kt_ Designs by Katie
LB TUBES LB Tubes & Mists
_Liss Liss’PSP Korner
ma Majestic Artistry
maryanne_ Maryarts.free.fr
_mc McHooii
mj Marlene's Tube
Nikita Reveries
_pcc PCC Stationary
SS_ Suzi Sgai
~SF Tubes Heaven by Shadowfairy
wompie Wompietubes
y_ Ylvas Design
YWN~ YourWebNess (tubes have gone)

The following list contains prefix and site names,
but there is no link for these sites.

_af Anita's Tubes
AJ Luna Lady Graphics by Annette Jørgensen
ann_ Ann's Tubes
AU / -au Always Unique
bizzyb_ BizzyB Tubes
ccc_ Chi-Curi's PSP Tubes
ccc_ Sanctuary Gals
cher_ CherSwitz Designs
ctdesigns_ / CT_ Christina's Sanctuary
-ejvr Tubes by Janine
EP_ My-tubes.webspace4free.biz
-fly- Tubes by Fly
FM Tubed by Frieke
gg_ Graphics Galore
_ginny Ginny's PSP Tubes
H- Hoods
_haylers Haylers Creations
ivy Ivy's Graphics
Janinas Bejewelled
_jazzl_ The Tubes by Jazzl
JCW / jcw_ JCW Designs
jill- SimplyJill.com
jkm JustKissMe
karla Tubes by Karla
kat- Tubes by Katra
kk Krafty Kards
JL Tubes by Jadelane
kr_ Karen's Caring and Sharing
LLD- LLDzines aka Tube Twinz
LS Ladysara.org
mari Designe by Mari
mc Tubes Márcio C
MD- Marga’s Design
me m~ecreations
_mga Maris Tuben (m-g-a.de)
-mlr Mon ami Bijou
_mo / _pv Mo's Creations
NG~ Unicorns Realm – Nancy’s Tubes
OkieDee- Okie Dee's Tubes
_patao Patao
pfl_ Créations Petite Fleur
~SF Unicorns Realm – Susie’s Tubes
sp7~ / sp8~ Sweet Pea's Tubes
swd Susan's Web Designs
Tina_ Tina's Design
tw_ Traviataplace.nl
tw_ / TW Twiggs' Tubes
_ve A Bit Buggy Designs
wod_ Web Of Dreams
winters Winters and Oldguy's Tubes
YVE_ Yves Tubenpage

If you wish to contact me you can find an email address
to use included on my Site Map