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Using SBP Presets


This tutorial was created 2002©Copyright Artwork by EssexGirl
please do not copy it, or put it anywhere else without my written permission.

When you download and unzip my presets you will find them
in their own named folder with the bmps that go with them.

You can either:-
1. Move the contents of the folders into SBP's environments
and textures, then delete the empty folder, or

2. Place the named folder, complete with it's contents
into environments and textures.

In one way it is easier to do the first option and just have
all the presets and bmps in one file, but if you ever need to
know whether a preset is one you've downloaded from somewhere
or one of SBP's own presets it can make life difficult,
as I found out when I first started to write tutorials.

I now keep any presets that I download (from any of those lovely
SBP preset sites available on the net), into a folder with the
authors name or initials on.

My own presets I keep in individual folders with the name of
the preset, so that I can be sure, at least 99% I'm not totally
infallible :) that when I offer them for download, none of the
parts will be missing.

If you decide to use the second method, as I do, you will have to
use the navigation boxes when you want to change folders.
It isn't difficult, but can be confusing if you don't know
what is going on. I hope that the following explanation with
screenshots will help make things clear.

when you click on the button to open a settings file,


You will get a navigation box.


You can see some of the folders that I have in my environments
and textures folder from the screenshot, there are a lot more
that are not in view, plus all of SBP's own presets.
I'm a presets addict ;-)
Use the navigation box to find the folder
containing the preset that you want to use.
In this screenshot I have navigated to the folder where
I keep the presets that I have downloaded from
PSP.Tephras.com (one of my favourite sites for presets)
and selected a setting called teph_opal.q5q.


When you open your choice of preset, SBP looks for the bmps in
the last location used, so unless the preset is in the folder
that you last used, you will get a message something like this


In my example 1d-ltiridescent is the bmp being asked for.
Just click on the 'find folder' button at the bottom and
use the navigation box to go to the folder containing the
preset, then open the bmp that was asked for. It's really
just a case of showing SBP where to find it.


Click on the name, click open and that's it.
Some presets have two bmps that go with them, one for the
environment and one for the texture. The second one will
most likely be found automatically, because the folder has
now become the 'last used' and SBP will look in there for it.

The next time you use SBP and want to use a preset from a
different folder (or from SBP's environments and textures),
you will need to navigate to the correct folder and show
SBP where to find the bmps.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Thankyou to my very helpful testers
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